Cloud Authoring Service for Universal Books

Book Editing and Production in the Cloud

CAS-UB (Cloud Authoring Service for the Universal Book) is a cloud-based service designed to streamline the process of simultaneously publishing print and electronic documents in accordance with industry standards. CAS-UB is designed to replace traditional methods of e-book creation, while making it faster and more cost effective to prepare documents for both electronic and print publications.

Simultaneously Produce Electronic and Print Publications

Publishers know there is a big difference in the steps required to prepare a document for print versus the workflow for electronic publications. For example, a publisher must decide on the fixed dimensions for page size when printing, whereas the preparation of e-books must take into account that the appearance of a publication will vary depending on the device used to view it (e.g., Nook, Kindle, iPad, etc.). This is just one of the many ways print publishing diverges from electronic.

As a result, publishers are forced to create two versions for the same publicationone for electronic, and the other for print. The situation is only complicated by the fact that new electronic formats and e-reading devices are constantly appearing, forcing the industry to adopt new software and document standards. CAS-UB was designed with this in mind. It simplifies the process by integrating the needs for both print and electronic publication into a single software package.

Intuitive Markup Increases Productivity

Writers and editors can modify the structural markup of their publications via CAS notation, which is a modified version of Wiki notation. The CAS notation system is easy to learn for users with no prior experience using HTML or any other markup language. The advantage of markup is that it gives the user direct control over the way a document is interpreted regardless of the format or device used to view it. CAS-UB is designed to allow the user to integrate XSL-FO, CSS2 or CSS3 in order to have total control over the visual layout of his or her publication.

Team Collaboration

Since CAS-UB is a cloud-based service, it is well-suited for projects that involve a team of writers and/or editors. A publication registered on CAS-UB may have any number of individuals associated with it, and users may keep track of the changes made to their document by viewing the individual time stamps created and saved in the version history.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Another of the advantages of working in the cloud, is the users ability to access and work on a publication at his or her convenienceall thats needed is a device equipped with a web browser and an internet connection. This is especially useful in the case of collaborative efforts by individuals scattered throughout different time zones. Once a user registers on CAS-UB, he or she has immediate access to the service and may begin creating a publication.

Possible Publication Types

Ideal Publications

CAS-UB is suitable for publishing a variety of publications. There are certain publication types, however, which our system excels at producing, as well as those which might not be appropriate for CAS-UB. The following are the types of publications ideal for creation via CAS-UB: journals, reports, paperbacks and manuals (just to name a few). Publications comprised of mainly visual content and/or complex layouts are not recommended. These include photo books and magazines containing advanced layouts.

Unsuitable publications

CAS-UB is not suitable for producing photo book layout and advanced magazine layouts.

Sale and Distribution of Publications

CAS-UB only supports the editing and production of publications. Currently, services relating to sales and distribution are not available.

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