Cloud Authoring Service for Universal Books

E-book Creation Workflow

Log-in to the site

In order to use CAS-UB, you will need to create an account.

New publication

On the page titled "Publications List", users can manage all their documents. To create a new publication click "New Publication" at the top-center of the page.

Create and Edit Articles

To add or edit an article in your publication, click "Edit" on the "Publications List" page. The Edit window allows you to create a new article, format content with simple markups, preview an article, select an article to edit, and revert back to past versions of an article before it was revised

Importing Images

To upload images click "Images" on the menu bar, then click "Choose File" to find and select the image you which to upload. The following file types are recognized as images by CAS-UB; jpeg, png, gif, svg & pdf. A bulk upload can be performed if the images are in a zip file.

PDF Layout Settings

Find your layout settings by first selecting "Publish". On the "Publish" page under PDF, click "Layout Settings". Next scroll down and click on "Advanced Layout Settings".

Generate PDF, EPUB, MOBI Outputs

Finally, output your publication to PDF, EPUB, or MOBI! Click on "Publish" and then select the file type you want to produce. After a couple seconds, a link will appear to download the file.

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